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4001 Osuna Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
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Information Card

Calvary Church Missions

Overseeing Pastor: Cesar Loya
Administrator: Alicia Aragon
Contact Phone: 505.344.0880

Who we are:
We pursue the God who is passionately pursuing a lost world; we do this with one another, through worship, by the Word, to the world.
What we do:
Upreach: We express our adoration of Jesus through dynamic worship and uncompromised obedience.
Inreach: We explain the relevance of the Bible to empower and transform lives for service.
Outreach: We extend hope—locally and globally—to a hurting world by proclaiming the gospel and demonstrating God’s love. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope for salvation and reconciliation with God, each other, and all of creation. When we put our trust in Jesus, we are saved into His church and empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel in word and deed throughout the world.

• Local Outreach: Calvary Missions is a core ministry of Calvary Church that extends into our community through food collection and distribution at area food banks, prison ministry, nursing home care, young-adult/college outreach, and youth outreach to school campuses. In addition, our local outreach extends to our Nob Hill and Santa Fe campuses, including multiple evangelistic events each year (e.g., Christmas/Easter services, concerts, movie matinees, Albuquerque Film & Media Experience, VBS, and food/clothing distribution to local women's shelters and homeless shelters).

• Global Outreach: We engage globally through short-term trips (two to fourteen days) and support of Calvary Church missionaries around the world. The work of our missionaries ranges from running orphanages in the Philippines and Uganda to planting churches in Mexico and Croatia. In addition, we have servants teaching in Albania, China, and more! See attachment for current Calvary missionaries.

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Support a missionary
Calvary Church Missions – Trip Payment
Calvary Church Missions – Trip Donations
Bill and Renee Martin
Carlos and Sylvia Garcia
Kathy Scott
Beverly Rich
Landoll and Angie Benally
Lorraine and Celestino Lamar
Slavé and Lovorka Velesanov
Servy and Maria Pardo
Laurie J
Doug and Lisa Keen

Ways to get involved:

Missionary Care: Join a care team to encourage and support our workers on the field
• Local Community Outreach
• Global Outreach
Donate Financially
Reload Love
GMO: Become a partner with Global Media Outreach
OCC: Join in the work of Operation Christmas Child

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Questions About Serving:

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